The first 100 chapters

Here is a collection of my favourite pics to celebrate reaching the 100th chapter of my story. I chose these pictures for a variety of reasons, some of them I think look nice, others perfectly captured a sim’s character and others were so damn hard to take that they made the list because every time I look at them I remember what it took to make them :). So enjoy. Oh… and if you are reading this before you reach the 100th chapter I suggest you don’t as there are some spoilers.

Hepsie and Steen kiss

“She answered by pulling him in for a kiss”.

Radomir shows Valeriya

“He roughly grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her head towards his”.

Alexis gets Morven’s attention

“The next time she looked up Alexis certainly got her attention”.

Darina lets Engin kiss her

“And then she let him kiss her, there in the mess hall, even though someone might have seen”.

Morven and Alexis at church

“Morven stared straight ahead trying desperately to ignore the fidgeting of her wayward husband”

Garrick dreams of her

“He was suddenly filled with terror and his hand dropped uselessly to his side. But it did not matter, because she was already turning”.

Eallair comforts Madlenka

“He gently rubbed his nose against hers, but her eyes were tightly shut”.

Madlenka at sunset

“Madlenka turned towards him, her face soft, the last light staining her skin with the colours of the sky”.

Valeriya smiles at Radomir

“Then she smiled at him for the first time in their marriage, a mockery of everything he had desired, a cracked and bloodied slash against her alabaster skin.”

Mella is visited

“Vous êtes la mienne”, she felt a icy hand stroking her forehead, gently brushing back the hair that had fallen into her eyes.

Lisbet sleeps next to Cordell

“She drew as close as she dared to his body, as near as she could be without actually touching him”.

Steen shows Hepsie their house

“She smiled at him and he took her tiny hand in his and led her into what was to be their very own house”.

Lisbet and Cordell realise

“She was no longer laughing as he stood behind her so close she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck”.

Boots interrupts

“Boots had squashed herself into the hollow at the back of Morven’s knees, burying her face in the folds of dress”.

Harndall defends Valeriya

“He stood beside her now, close enough to hear her shuddering breath, close enough that their hands were almost touching”.

Mella at the ruined church

“Without warning she turned her face upwards, raising her hands in submission”.

Mella stares at her reflection

“It was her own face, but hideously changed, the skin of her face hanging in rotting tatters, the eyes dead and dulled”.

Mella meets Cebrien

“She made no sound, staring silently up at the exhausted moon which was sinking into the waiting arms of the mountains as the blood poured out of her”.

Engin is a bad fisherman

“He cast with such might that he managed to throw his entire body toward the pond, tripping and sprawling in the mud on his behind”.

Valeriya meets Radomir in the hallway

“They stood in the close confines of the hallway, so near that she could hear his ragged breath whistling through his teeth”.

Darina smiles widely

“He saw a flicker of surprise cross her face and then it was replaced by an extremely wide grin. Eallair was sure that he could see almost all of the teeth in her mouth”.

They find Nell

“When they arrived he was already on the ground cradling her limp body in his arms”.

Valeriya visits Harndall

“Her heart was thumping in her chest so that she felt as thought it might force its way out at any moment, leaving a ragged, gaping hole”.

Noah shows Gena their home

“The fence felt strong and sturdy beneath her hand, the beams interlocking snugly, each one perfectly straight”.

Garrick catches Cindra

“Well… are you going to come and catch me or not”, she said saucily.

Aisling meets her father

“Of course she would be frightened of him. He was so big and ungainly and she, she was so very small and perfect”.

Darina stares at Gena

“Darina paused in the doorway and Gena had the eery feeling that the woman was staring directly at her”.

Cindra down in the crypt

“She rose to her feet as quickly as her swollen figure would allow drawing back in horror as she realised it was the sound of fingernails scraping on the soft wood inside”.

Garrick says something stupid

“Steady on there Garrick”, Eallair said with a concerned look, that was suddenly very sober, “you know women don’t like to talk about these things with us silly old fools around”.

Madlenka makes it clear to Eallair

“Eallair… do you think that perhaps now would be a good time to send for Goodwife Cade and the other women?”, she asked delicately.

Lochan watches Eallair and Kendrick

“He felt as though his world was screwing inwards until finally it would reach the centre and he would implode”.

Valeriya and Harndall almost kiss

“He was so close, he could have closed his eyes and his mouth would have found hers in the darkness”.

Valeriya saves Harndall

“Merila could taste the fear rising from her in waves”.

Valeriya and Harndall sleep

“he found himself dozing off, his face buried in the warmth of her soft, golden hair”.

Cordell at sunrise

“The length of his sword was stained red by the eery morning light, as though it had already been rammed deep into the body of his enemies”.

Garrick and Steen search for them

“And here he was parading about in the early hours of the morning with a thumping head and a churning stomach”.

Cindra walks through the forest

“Cindra watched as the wind set the dead autumn leaves gently spinning through the air, falling to the dank soil at her feet like off-kilter ballerinas”.

Isabelle burns

“Her body writhing in agony or bliss as the flames flowed over her”.

Radomir whispers to Varda

“She shuddered in disgust, her cheeks flaring crimson red and turned her head away but he followed with his”.

Garrick waits outside

“His heart contracted painfully in his chest, the part of it that belonged to her still, twitching in torment like a fish on a hook”.

Hepsie tells Noah

“Her hair had escaped it’s usual tight bun and hung in sweaty curls around her shoulders”.

Gena is exhausted

“And then he realised what was bothering him. She had said his son, not theirs”.

Cindra and Atholt

“He reached out his tiny hands and gently patted at her cheeks”.