Here you can find storylines which bring together some of the many ongoing stories that wind their way through Mhalwae. If you’re already a fan of Mhalwae, you can reread some of your favourite tales and, if you are a new reader, decide whether you’d like to stick around for the journey.

A star falls


“A star falls” is the tangled ongoing story of forbidden love, rage, violence and desperate longing. Valeriya is a woman trapped in her marriage to the abusive Earl, Radomir. Father Harndall, the only man she can confide in.

Arran Barran and Igrayne


This is the story of love blossoming out of tragedy. Arran Barran is a shy young man with a terribly unfortunate name, Igrayne, the girl who teased him for so many years. When their lives are torn apart by supernatural monsters they find a common ground. But things aren’t going to be easy…



“Isabelle” is a tale of long hidden secrets, tragedy, horror and nightmares. Cindra is the very young and very silly wife of Garrick, the Baron of Tadhgar. She is also cousin to King Eallair and the Duke Lochan, but responsibilities are the last thing on her mind. But she has to grow up fast when a supernatural being starts stalking her husband in his dreams.