Other families


The Alarens


Aldfrith and Maeve Alaren with their 1 year old son Edwyn. Aldfrith is Lochan’s steward and Maeve is Isaura’s maid. We saw Maeve once in Lochan remembers a raven.


The Cammarrs


Galowin and Myrren with their 1 year old son Brand. Galowin is Garrick’s steward. Galowin’s cousin is Talann Ylder. Myrren has a brother, Elbran Relnath, a half-brother Kel Ketterbray and a half-sister Daela Braebach.


The Ylders


Talann and Emogen Ylder with their 1 year old son Derath. Talann is Radomir’s steward and Emogen is Valeriya’s maid. We saw her in three chapters Valeriya resurfaces, The Duke and the Queen perform a dance and Radomir crushes a bird. Talann’s cousin is Galowin Cammarr.

Royal Guards

The Burbridges


Aylric and Indeg Burbridge with their sons Thorstein and Thomas, who are 1 year old and 1 month old. Indeg has three siblings, her brothers Grith and Ealdwine Farnham and her sister Oda Taylor.


The Relnaths


Elbran and Elaye Relnath with their daughters Faegwenn and Gyfu. Faegwenn is 1 year old and Gyfu is one month old. Elaye is one of the kitchen maids at the castle. Elbran has a sister, Myrren Cammarr, a half-brother Kel Ketterbray and a half-sister Daela Braebach.


The Addinells


Coll and Cecily Addinell and their 1 month old daughter Aeleis.


The Ashtons


Ackerly and Daralis Ashton with their 1 year old daughter Eolande.


The Ballards

The Ballards

Bryce and Malkyn Ballard and their daughters Ayleth and Mildreth. Ayleth is 1 year old and Mildreth sadly passed away on the 13th of April at the age of 18 days.


The Hyndes

The Hyndes

Reynard and Adela Hynde and their 7 month old daughter Isaura.


The Plucknets

The Plucknets

Fendrel and Peranell Plucknet and their 5 month old daughter Pelina.


The Braebachs


Galath and Daela Braebach and their 1 year old son Eallair. Daela’s brother is Kel Ketterbray, her half-brother is Elbran Relnath and her half-sister is Myrren Cammarr.


The Farnhams


Grith and Magota Farnham. They had a son, Hywel who died at the age of three months old. Grith has three siblings, a brother Ealdwine Farnham and two sisters Indeg Burbridge and Oda Taylor.


Ealdwine and Solveig Farnham and their son Gildas who is 10 months old. Ealdwine has a brother, Grith Farnham and two sisters Indeg Burbridge and Oda Taylor.


The Rudges and the Gales


On the right are Blaen and Waeburth Rudge and their two sons Brinin and Gis. Brinin is 1 year old and Gis is 4 months old. On the left are Withgils and Elysant Gale and their children Catelin, Malle and Woden. Catelin is 1 year old. The twins are 1 month old. The Rudges and Gales live together since Waeburth and Withgils are siblings.



Kel and Tirsey Ketterbray with their 1 year old daughter Constance. Kel is the stablehand and Tirsey is a kitchen maid. Tirsey has two sisters, Illewen Shildfrith and Maela Forston. Kel has a sister Daela Braebach and two half-siblings, Elbran Relnath and Myrren Cammarr. We have seen Tirsey in Illewen waits.