Valeriya Helton

Valeriya Helton

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Valeriya Helton was born on the 8th August 1081, the only daughter of the knight Sir Tholt Helton and his wife Maldeth. She had two older brothers, Crucern and Nirnest. During her childhood her family resided in the mountains between the countries of Branwhuld and Lomorrad. When the Heltons were summoned to court, Valeriya caught the eye of Radomir Stidoplh, heir to the Earldom of Moraghdu. He struck a deal with her father who was quite happy for the match (and pleased to not have to pay a dowry) and offered Valeriya to Radomir. During the invasion of Branwhuld her father and brothers were killed during the fighting. Her mother, Maldeth died earlier of camp fever contracted on the journey to the capital.

Valeriya and Radomir

Valeriya’s marriage has been an unhappy prison for her, bound to an abusive husband with a violent temper. She sought comfort from the priest, Father Harndall, a relationship that eventually led to an illicit affair and the birth of their daughter Hannah under mysterious circumstances.

Valeriya and Harndall

Hannah, the daughter of Valeriya and Harndall

Valeriya has been cast out by Radomir and now lives with Harndall in a farmhand’s cottage.

First chapter: Cindra insults the Queen
First POV: Valeriya is reminded of her place
Number of appearances: 34
Number of POVs: 10
Age: 22
Occupation: Previously Countess, now farmhand

“God”, she laughed harshly, a surprisingly grating sound in the soft darkness of the chapel, “Sometimes I wonder if he is even there at all”.
Harndall does not know what to say

“I understand”, she mumbled, the fire in her body cracking, sparks spiralling into the air, “But know this Harndall. I love you. With every fibre of my being, with every scrap of my ruined soul”.
Valeriya cannot escape

“But you were there… or you were a dream. You told me that you loved me even though it was a sin and we lay down together like man and wife. There was nothing evil or horrible about it. It was the most beautiful thing,” she whispered, “Was it a lie?”
Harndall receives the grace of God

“My husband,” she spat and he shuddered as though struck, “my husband is a great slavering brute who has made every day since he first caught sight of me a living nightmare.”

“My husband is the most worthless scum to walk this earth. He does not deserve your concern. A sin to love you? It is the most pure and beautiful thing in this wretched life of mine. And surely God knows it too.”
Harndall makes his choice