Radomir of Moraghdu

Radomir of Moraghdu

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Radomir was born on the 5th of October, 1072, the only son of the Hallgrimr Stidolph, the Earl of Moraghdu and his wife Eahlswith. His childhood was unhappy with a domineering, abusive father and a strict and distant mother who did not show him much affection.

As a young man he asked Sir Eanraig Donnchad for his daughter, Morven’s hand in marriage. Eanraig left the decision up to his beloved daughter and she refused Radomir, instead marrying Sir Alexis Hwratar. Radomir was angered by the rebuke but soon set his sights on another young lady, Valeriya Helton, the daughter of a lesser noble from the highlands between Branwhuld and Lomorrad whose family had recently come to court. Radomir offered to forgo a dowry and even give a generous sum of money to Valeriya’s father, afraid that he might lose the prize he wanted again. Valeriya’s father, considering it a good match even before Radomir offered so much agreed readily and Valeriya was soon married to Radomir.

Radomir and Valeriya

Their marriage has not been happy, with Radomir resorting to violence when he did not receive the love he felt he deserved from her and Valeriya despising her brutish husband. Their relationship has been peppered with abuse, hatred and infidelity with Valeriya bearing another man’s child and Radomir finally letting her leave him. They remain married by law but do not live together.

First chapter: Cindra insults the Queen
First POV: Valeriya smiles for the first time
Number of appearances: 28
Number of POVs: 12
Storylines: A star falls
Age: 31
Occupation: Earl

Memorable Quotes:

He noticed a beetle crawling along the table and squashed it beneath his thumb and gestured angrily, “You sound like a bunch of snivelling women!”.
Harndall feels out of place

“Your husband should have done that long ago but your husband is weak as piss”, he snarled, “You can inform him he may thank me later for saving him from your shrewish tongue”.
Radomir is drenched

“Why are you telling me this?” she whispered breathlessly.

“I don’t know. I don’t know”, he gasped, “I don’t have anyone else to tell. And you asked… you asked”.
Lyiss hears a confession

“Tell me where he is you little wretch,” he snarled, “I’m going to kill him. I’m going to make him suffer. I’m going to cut him in a hundred places till he oozes blood and begs for death. I’m going to slice off his balls and feed them to him.”
Radomir burns

“You love me,” he wept, “you do. Look at me… see me!”
Radomir sees her face

“I’ll make you wish they’d killed you, you son of a bitch. Call yourself a priest! Call yourself a man of God! Where in the bible does it say you can fuck another man’s wife!! You wretched dog!”
Radomir is told