Madlenka of Lomorrad


Madlenka of Lomorrad

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Madlenka was born on the 9th of January, 1080, the only daughter of King Brosul of Lomorrad and Queen Laela of Ulanbaat. From a young age she was trained to rule in preparation for a power-broking marriage to one of Lomorrad’s allies.


Laela of Ulanbaat, Queen of Lomorrad

Since she was a girl Madlenka’s closest friend has been her companion Nyawe. She also developed a close relationship with her younger brother Donagh. This was partly due to the death of their mother, Laela, in childbirth when Madlenka was aged 11.


Donagh, heir to the throne of Lomorrad and his wife Ingskel of Fjaerland

When Madlenka was 13, her father, Brosul was remarried, to Ilana, the daughter of one of the lesser nobles of Lomorrad. Her relationship with her new stepmother, who was only six years older than Madlenka and saw her as a threat, was rocky to say the least.


Brosul and Ilana, King and Queen of Lomorrad

Ilana’s ambitions for her two children, Madlenka’s half-siblings Morna and Adgar caused numerous problems for Madlenka and ended with her being shipped off at the age of 19 to marry her second cousin, Eallair, the third born son of King Kendrick of Branwhuld.


Morna and Adgar, Madlenka’s half-siblings

Having been raised to be Queen someday, Madlenka was furious to be betrothed to Eallair, the lowly third son. She cried on Nyawe’s shoulder the entire way to Branwhuld. However, when she met Eallair she was quickly won over by his charm and easygoing nature and the two fell quickly and passionately in love.


When Branwhuld was attacked and Eallair’s family murdered, Madlenka was finally Queen but she found her priorities had changed, revolving now around her husband and soon their son. She sees that her husband is not fit to rule and does her best to hide it from his subjects by coaching him secretly.

Their son Kendrick was born in February 1102.


First chapter: Eallair find Madlenka
First POV: Eallair find Madlenka
Number of appearances: 20
Number of POVs: 6
Age: 22
Occupation: Queen

Memorable quotes:

“Oof”, she cried out louder sitting bolt upright, a grimace of pain flitting across her face, “Oh dear. OOOF!”.
Madlenka deals with the husband

“My eyes are up here Alexis”, she scolded, a brittle smile plastered across her face.
Isaura’s doubts are dispelled

“They’re much more fun when they’re out here anyway”, she gave Kendrick a big slurping kiss as he giggled, squirming like a fish, “why look at you, you dear, fat baby”.
Nyawe remembers a fairytale

“You always will be my Lady Nyawe of the raven-hair”, Madlenka murmured as she laid her head against Nyawe’s.
Nyawe remembers a fairytale

Madlenka felt rather awkward and out of her league with this but she had to ask, “Er… who was being repetitively thrust at you?”
Madlenka sees through the cracks

“You kissed him!” Madlenka squealed, “What was it like?! Oh Nyawe, did his silly moustache tickle your lips!”
Madlenka sees through the cracks

“But you know dear ladies, that we always have you in our heart when we go away to battle or sea do you not? “ Alexis continued.

“No matter where your hands may be?” the queen interjected with a sly look.
Radomir has an empty Christmas