Lochan of Murchadh

Lochan, Duke of Murchadh

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Lochan was born on the 15th of March 1075, the only son of Alric, Duke of Murchadh and Eanfled of Branwhuld, sister to the King. At an early age he was sent to live at the castle, acting as the King’s page. During this time he became firm friends with Garrick of Tadhgar and companion to the youngest son of King Kendrick, his cousin Eallair.


Lochan as a teenager

As Eallair grew older their relationship evolved from one of tolerance of the younger boy he was required to spend time with, to one of deep friendship and trust. Always the joker, the three spent a lot of their time creating mischief, and Lochan was always the ringleader. During his teenage years, Lochan also developed a fond relationship with his much younger cousin Cindra, spending a lot of time taking care of and entertaining the chubby toddler.

At the age of 10, Lochan was betrothed to Isabelle of Tadhgar, but when she died in a tragic accident he was left to choose his own bride. He had long had his eye on the beautiful Isaura, daughter of Sir Malloway though she never turned her deep blue eyes to his own. When he finally worked up the courage to approach her, however, he found that her shy smiles had all been for him.


Isaura and Lochan

While they were betrothed Isaura’s health began to fade, so that Lochan’s father advised him to call off the marriage. But Lochan refused to accept that the woman he loved was slowly wasting away before his eyes and so he married her, breaking ties with his father.


Isaura and Lochan

During the invasion of Branwhuld both of Lochan’s parents were murdered, along with a large portion of the nobility. Those with ties to the royal family were systematically executed and Lochan and Isaura managed to escape with Eallair and his subjects on the ships bound for Mhalwae. He is now Duke of Murchadh but cannot claim his rightful lands.

Isaura’s frail health meant that though they had been married for years she had borne no living children. Suffering miscarriage after miscarriage and bearing still born babies they had all but given up hope of ever having children when their daughter Yvaine was finally born.


Yvaine, Lochan’s daughter

Unable to save her parents, Lochan has also taken into his care Saegyth Brackenthwaite.


Saegyth Brackenthwaite

Lochan has become essential to the survival of the small group of exiles, filling in with leadership where Eallair fails. His once cheerful exterior has all but faded from years of sorrow.

First chapter: A storm is coming
First POV: Lochan pretends
Number of appearances: 45
Number of POVs: 12
Age: 28
Occupation: Duke

Memorable quotes:

“You should be acting more prince-like and less like a pissed-faced buffoon ya idiot! Ya young fools’ll be the death of me… look at these grey hairs sprouting out of me poor old beard”, he theatrically pulled out a tuft of hair, “the Lord take me now before I ever have to deal with the like’s of you lot again!!!”
Lochan laughs again for awhile

“You don’t know about the pinching do you little Atholt, but seeing as you have unfortunately inherited your mother’s lovely cheeks you are going to have to get used to it”.
Lochan lets her cry

“How about we make our own dance then, a very slow one without all this arm-waving nonsense. A dance that only goes on as long my lady’s feet aren’t tired”.
Isaura’s doubts are dispelled

“Now then, I didn’t mean to upset you. You can run about in whichever outfit you choose, I only ask that I not be the target of evening nightgown clad offensives”.
Cindra runs around the ship twice

“Then God help us, we go down below.”
They go down below

“I wouldn’t be so cocky if I where you. I wouldn’t call that healing. I would call it scabbing.”
Eallair is not scarred

“Ah, but Lochan can’t do this,” Garrick replied with a grin, stretching his arm languorously…

“You ninny it’s the other arm.”

“And of course I can do that,” Lochan attempted to stretch out his injured arm, “Ow.”

“See… there, I’m doing it. Stretching and so forth.”
Eallair is not scarred