Kendrick of Branwhuld


Kendrick of Branwhuld

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Kendrick was born on the 1st of February, the firstborn son of King Eallair of Branwhuld and Mhalwae and Madlenka of Lomorrad, Queen of Branwhuld and Mhalwae. He was named Kendrick after Eallair’s father who was killed in invasion of Branwhuld.

The Crown Prince of both Branwhuld and Mhalwae, a lot of responsibility rests on his tiny head. He is betrothed to his first cousin once removed, Yvaine of Murchadh.


First chapter: Lochan laughs again for a while
First POV:
Number of appearances: 5
Number of POVs: 0
Age: 1
Occupation: Crown Prince

Memorable quotes:

“Oh oh oh oh!”, Kendrick broke in, waving his arms frantically in the air, “Oh!”.
Nyawe remembers a fairytale