Isaura of Murchadh

Isaura, Duchess of Murchadh

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Isaura Malloway was born on the 23rd of May 1077, the only daughter of Sir Gunther Malloway, a knight of Branwhuld and his wife Yvaine. With her mother’s death when Isaura was very young, she spent her childhood often neglected by her ambitious father.

Moving in the complicated social circles that developed around the King’s court and his trusted advisors and Knights, she was quite taken with Lochan, the only son of the Duke of Murchadh, a smiling, cheerful young man. Little did she realise he returned her affections and very soon they began a passionate courtship. It was at this time that Isaura began to grow sickly, developing a cough over the winter that refused to go away even when summer came again. Since then, her health has steadily deteriorated, a fact Lochan has found difficult to accept, marrying her against his Father’s will.

Isaura and Lochan

Isaura’s father was killed in the invasion of Branwhuld and she fled to Mhalwae with a small band of survivors, including her husband. Her health continuing to decline she experienced many miscarriages before successfully giving birth to a healthy daughter in 1102, Yvaine.

Yvaine, Isaura and Lochan’s daughter

First chapter: Varda silently curses Cindra
First POV: Isaura attends a dinner
Number of appearances: 10
Number of POVs: 4
Age: 26
Occupation: Duchess

Memorable Quotes:

“Perhaps you are right”, she sighed again, “And even if you aren’t, we can play pretend for a while can we not?”
Lochan pretends

“Lochan, my dearest heart, but you are going to. I cannot stay like this forever. We both know how this is going to end. It’s been coming a long time.”
Isaura makes a promise