Eallair of Branwhuld


Eallair of Branwhuld

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Eallair was born on the 22nd of March, 1078 in the Kingdom of Branwhuld. The last of the three sons of Kendrick, King of Branwhuld and Ailish of Lomorrad, Eallair was never meant to rule. While his older brothers Gawain and Weylin were given the necessary training to rule a kingdom, Kendrick doted on his youngest and Eallair’s days where filled with games and social activities. He became firm childhood friends with Garrick of Tadhgar and Lochan of Murchadh despite the fact that for many years they only spent time with the younger boy because their parents told them to.


Eallair, Lochan and Garrick as children


Ailish of Lomorrad and Kendrick of Branwhuld


Weylan and Gawain when Eallair was aged 11

At the age of 22, Eallair was married to Madlenka, his second cousin and princess of Lomorrad in order to forge greater ties between the two allied countries. Upon meeting when Madlenka was sent from Lomorrad the two fell quickly and passionately in love, despite Madlenka’s original misgivings.


Eallair and Madlenka

Happiness was not long lasting, as six months later news of the threat of the feared Warlord Faldorn’s army marching on the borders of Branwhuld reached them. There followed a brief but thorough invasion by Faldorn’s hordes, which despite valiant attempts to force them back, soon took the capital. Help from Lomorrad did not arrive in time and most of Eallair’s family were murdered during the fighting. His father, shot down by Faldorn’s arrowmen revealed the family’s secret as he lay dying. A box containing a map to the far off island of Mhalwae in the far reaches of the Draldor ocean. Mhalwae which he believed until that moment was nothing more than a myth concocted to frighten small children. With the help of his cousin and best friend, Lochan, Eallair gathered together a small group of exiles to journey with him to Mhalwae. This included another cousin, Cindra of Tadghar.


Eallair faces Mhalwae

Ruling the small band of followers trying to make a life on Mhalwae has not been easy for Eallair. He finds himself relying heavily on the advice of his wife and friends and struggles more and more with the responsibility over the people.

In February 1102 his son was born, whom he named Kendrick after his father.


Kendrick, Eallair and Madlenka’s first son

First chapter: They had to flee to Mhalwae…
First POV: A storm is coming
Number of appearances: 28
Number of POVs: 5
Age: 25
Occupation: King

Memorable quotes:

“So… are we staring aimlessly at anything particular”, he asked in a dry tone of voice.
Eallair doesn’t need to be told twice

“Can I come in or does Sir Cade who is guarding the door deem me unworthy”, he sniffled theatrically, “Please let me come in Sir Cade… it is so very cold out here and my shoes are wet”.
Gena holds the baby

“Oh my God! That oof was bigger than the others! What are we going to do?!!”.
Madlenka deals with the husband

“Right before your very eyes!”, the King almost shouted his hands flying up to mimic Noah’s, “A big black dog! A bat! What kind of pagan mythology are you spouting!”.
Noah tells it plainly

“You must be Madlenka”, he had said cheerfully with a bow, “but I was sort of hoping I could call you Maddy. Would you mind awfully”.
Madlenka spends an afternoon with the third son.

“Oh Mads, I believe he is the best thing I have ever done”, Eallair sighed, “And I, a King. Let us hope he is a far better man than his father”.
Madlenka spends an afternoon with the third son

“Good Lord, what a mangled bunch of subjects I have. No don’t get up.”
Eallair is not scarred