Cindra of Tadhgar

Cindra of Tadhgar

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Cindra Dunaidh was born on the 2nd of April, 1085, the only daughter of Sir Atholt Dunaidh and Aislinn of Branwhuld, the sister of the King. She was doted on by her father and three older brothers, Estan, Orril and Adurn, after her mother died when she was a small child.

Atholt and Aislinn

As a child she was often indulged by her father and spent a great deal of time at court. A cheerful and rather silly girl, she was also a great favourite of her cousin Lochan, who let her tag along on a great many of his escapades. They have recently become close again.

When her cousin’s childhood friend, Garrick, returned from squiring for the Duke of Lomorrad, she decided that he was the man she should marry. Begging her father’s permission Atholt finally consented to the marriage. Though it was a very fine match, he considered Cindra too young to marry and wanted her to wait.

They were married a week before the invasion, their happiness cut short by the fall of Branwhuld. Cindra’s father and three brothers were killed during the fighting, or so she thought. It has recently become apparent that her eldest brother, Estan survived, but is a prisoner of the vicious N’nkasha.

Estan and N’nkasha

During her time on Mhalwae, Cindra has had to grow up fast, with her husband stalked by a frightening supernatural creature. She has become great friends with Lisbet Arwaduhn.

She and Garrick have two children, Atholt and Isabelle.

Atholt and Isabelle

First chapter: Varda silently curses Cindra
First POV: Cindra insults the Queen
Number of appearances: 44
Number of POVs: 20
Age: 18
Occupation: Baroness

“Father Harndall is standing under the mistletoe! He’s going to have to kiss someone… and look… Valeriya is standing the closest!”

“Come on Father… it’s Christmas time… even Priests get to be a little bit naughty on Christmas!”, Cindra cried.
Valeriya stands in the wrong place

“What do I know of her?”, Cindra repeated his words, “She is in my dreams every night, her pale face, her red hair… I can’t get her out of my head! Who is she!?”.
Cindra asks Garrick

Lisbet: “I on the other hand, am going to go inside, rest my dreadful ankles on something soft and watch your progress through the window”.

Cindra: “But Lisbet!”, Cindra quickly scrabbled around for an excuse she had not already used, “it is so dark. What if I fall and twist one of these pretty little ankles? What will we do if we only have one lovely ankle between the two of us. Someone needs to draw the eyes of the menfolk, else they be continuously focused on the slender ankles of a certain black-haired hussy. And to be honest with you, I just don’t think one will be sufficient”.
Cindra runs once around the ship

“Oh Lochan! Leave the poor girl alone. Hasn’t she had enough… does she have to have you slobbering in remorse all over her hand too”, she interjected cheerfully.
Igrayne has two more visitors

Cindra giggled, hoisting Atholt into the air, “I know. They always seem so very tiny at that age don’t they. You remember what Atholt looked like, he was as wrinkled and tiny as a dear little raisin. I could’ve have eaten him up in one bite”
Igrayne gets a new dress

“Oh, let’s not think about that now, I can’t bear the thought of Atholt growing up to be a big hairy man. I want him to stay my chubby little baby forever”, Cindra hugged her son tightly against her ignoring his uncomfortable wriggling.
Igrayne gets a new dress

Her tiny hand had flown up, quick as a dart, through the air, smacking against his throbbing cheek, so hard that it sent him reeling backwards, his feet stumbling on the ice.

“Don’t you dare,” she snarled, “don’t you dare hit me Radomir. I’m not afraid of you. You are nothing. And if you try and touch me again my husband will beat you into a bloody pulp.”
Radomir burns

Taking a deep shuddering breath she continued, “I don’t want to be near her. I don’t even want to take her to my breast like I did with Atholt, I give her to the wet nurse. I can’t bear to feel her there, suckling silently. It’s too eerie. She never makes a sound. It makes my skin crawl.”
Lisbet bets on a girl

“A beautiful baby boy and a lovely kiss for Lisbet,” Cindra sang.
Lisbet bets on a girl