Where did Mhalwae go?

Hello to any of my Mhalwae readers who are left out there.

I don’t know why I have found it so utterly impossible to write anything here, even an explanation of why I didn’t update the story in such a ridiculously long time. I’m sorry for being silent for so long.


Belated Merry Christmas + Behind the curtain

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas a few days late. Hope you all had a lovely one and are planning super fun New Years celebrations. Instead of a Christmas special this year I have a new blog. It’s a behind the scenes blog for Mhalwae, which I have been planning to make for an age but haven’t had time.

So you will stop seeing me posting this sort of thing on Mhalwae which will not be reserved for only the story, but you can find my musings and updates at Behind the curtain (there’s a link in the sidebar). See you there!

Mhalwae storylines up

Hi guys,

Haven’t been able to write any new posts for a while… the PhD write up is sucking away my creativity and time. Less than a month till I hand it in though! Hurrah! I just have to finish it before then. And then defend it in December, but I am anticipating less stress when the thesis is done. Then I just have to format it and get it printed. And write a talk. But I have seven weeks to do all that. So yay.

In my lunch breaks and on some evenings I have been able to collect together some of the storylines from Mhalwae. If you want to check it out they are in the sidebar under storylines. So far there are three but I am slowly working on getting them all up there.

Hope you’re all well!

The state of things

Hi guys,

Here’s what’s happening. I’m trying to write up my PhD which is why the posts on Mhalwae have been few and far between. I am also heading home to Australia tomorrow (stopping over in Singapore to eat huge amounts of delicious noodles) to work with my supervisor (who has ironically moved to Sydney).

What I wanted to say was please bear with me and don’t forget about Mhalwae. I know I’ve lost a lot of readers during this time but I will be back and posting regularly when all this PhD nonsense is done.


Other families of Mhalwae

Just for fun I thought I might put up some pictures of some of the other families inhabiting Mhalwae. I don’t know whether any of these will actually make it into the story (well, honestly I do have in mind one person but you’ll have to wait to find out who) except as extras. Elbran Relnath was actually in the background of They go down below but it seems he didn’t make it into any of the shots. Poor guy. He does his hair so nicely too!

Anyway, check it out if you’re interested. I know that I like to peruse some of the other characters living in Lothere. I have made a lot of the people living on Mhalwae but still have quite a lot to go. I’ll put up more pictures when I have taken nice ones of some of the other families hanging around. Btw… I know there are a lot of girl babies! I was a bit worried for a minute that my births were skewed for some reason but then I did a quick count and there have actually only been three more female than male births in the kingdom. I guess we are just going to have a lot of farmer’s daughters hanging around. Thaell and Derrin aren’t going to have too much trouble finding an eligible wife.

Turkey, the volcano and our overland exodus

Hello my friends!

So, I am finally back from Turkey. My family and I managed to get completely caught up in the whole volcanic ash cloud thing. And while I thought the volcano was cool (and I don’t blame it at all, it is just doing its thing), it did take me five extra days to get back in an epic overland journey. It took two extra days in Istanbul, 5hr at a bus station in the middle of the night, 40hr on the bus from hell: no toilet and my mum puking through the backroads of Romania, overnight in Munich with 5hr of sleep in a bed, 18hr train to Stockholm with 5hr sitting on the floor, ~700 euros, 8 countries, 6 passport stamps, ~3700km. Feh. It’s really good to be home.

At the moment my parents are staying with me (I was going to have a few days before they came here after Turkey and was planning to write something then but didn’t happen). Not sure if I will get time while they are here to write anything.

But good news in that Turkey was absolutely fantastic. Despite the drama of our return we had the most marvelous trip. The richness of the culture and history there is unbelievable. Delicious food too. And I am so inspired again and just itching to get back to Mhalwae. Also to catch up with everyone’s blogs. I am so far behind!

So, just thought I should update you. I have the internet again now! It’s so so good to be back!!!

Real life packs a punch

Hi guys *waves sheepishly*.

I haven’t abandoned the world of sims blogging. Things have just been so unbelievably hectic and crazy this last few months. We found at we were getting evicted and then had to find a new place to live pronto. The way that Stockholm is set up doesn’t make this easy at all. Apparently on average it takes 105 weeks to find an apartment in Stockholm, whereas other European cities such as Berlin and Madrid it is more like 5! I had no idea it would be so tough so we spent a lot of time panicking and desperately calling people (it seems like most people give their advertised apartments to the first person they talk to) and viewing apartments. It really is a complete shambles, with people behaving badly and everyone out for themselves. But we hit the jackpot just in time and got a last minute student apartment (if you happen to be the first person who clicks on the website you get it… so lucky!). So the last few months have gone by in a panic of apartment-finding and moving (we give up our old room on Sunday).

On top of all of this I had a deadline for two conference papers (one which I am the first author, and one the second). So I have been barely keeping my head above water and I have been so exhausted and uninspired in what little spare time I have had. And the snowstorms have been so bad here that our internet was down on and off for three days including our server so I hope none of you had trouble accessing the site.

But things are looking up now anyway. We have a lovely new apartment with our own kitchen and two little gardens. It seems like it will be an inspiring place to write in and on the way to work the other day Eallair started talking to me finally again (sounds weird, but you know what I mean!). Internet is back in wireless format, though appears to be permanently broken on the desktop (which really needs a visit from Dell anyway). So it looks like there will be a windows reinstall which mean reinstalling the sims. I have a pictures for a few chapters and hope to get to them soon, but new ones will have to wait till the computer is fixed.

So that is basically what has been going on with me. Sorry for being so silent. I hope things are well with you all and I will be paying a visit to your sites to catch up very soon.

Happy simming!

A bit of Christmas fun

Merry Christmas guys!

I thought this year for a bit of fun I would try and cast Mhalwae the movie (or really I think it would have to be a TV series). I picked my best ideas. Let me know if you guys had any suggestions!

First of all I found this guy, Gabriel Aubry for Eallair. He isn’t an actor but a male model, but I think he has the right looks.


I need sun!

Hi guys,

Once again, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been rather down and lethargic and writer’s blocky. The lack of sunlight really does suck. Looking back on my chapter writing I see that apart from the first November (when I had just started writing) I am woeful at writing during this time of year. So sorry I have been absentee yet again. The three day posting rule fell apart a bit but I am planning to restore it when my energy comes back. It is snowing now so it will be a bit lighter and prettier.


Igrayne’s heart floats free

12th January 1103