Radomir does the right thing

14th October 1103

*Trigger warning* This post deals with topics that may be distressing to some readers including discussions of rape and violence against women. If you would like to skip it the story will be made clear in a number of other posts.

Radomir climbed up the rickety ladder into the stuffy warmth of the room the women passed their days in.

“Hello,” he mumbled awkwardly when he reached the top.

“Oh, oh hello” Ansfrida said with a surprised smile on her face, “you’ve come back again.”

“Yes, I have,” he replied trying to choose his next words carefully.

He wanted so much to help these women but he was afraid he would blunder into it as clumsy and blunt as always and send the timid creatures scattering.

Richild was sitting on the floor, leaning heavily against the cushions. She sat up slightly when he came in.

“So, back to get yer money’s worth now eh? Didn’t like our Ansfrida so now ye’ve come to try yer luck with little Eithne,” she drawled, struggling wearily to her feet.

He glanced at Ansfrida and saw the smile slide from her poor, burnt face.

“Oh… is that why you’ve come back,” she whispered.

He wanted to grasp her shoulders and squeeze them and pull her close to him and hold her tight and keep her safe from the braying men who clambered up the ladder with money in their purses and hard cocks in their pants and tell her no, no that was not why he had come at all.

But he controlled himself and turned to her.

“No,” he said softly, “that’s not why I’ve come.”

“Why then,” Richild hissed.

She stood before him, her hands on her hips, staring at him defiantly, but he could see how young she was, how beaten down. He thought of the fate of the child in her belly, put there by force, by a violent man, much like himself. What would happen to it, growing up in a place like this. What of the little girl, Wihtburga. It wasn’t right.

He took a deep breath, “I came to make an offer to you, to you all. This is no kind of life you’re leading here. You’ve all suffered so much already and then, to have to fall back on this. Well, we’ve failed you. We failed to welcome you to this island and take care of you. To offer you a safe place. And that’s what I want to do today.”

Richild had gone silent, her hands slowly dropping from her waist. Ansfrida was staring at him, her sad eyes wide.

“I’ve asked the King and he has given me some men to start building a fortress in the northern part of the island. It would be strategic to have an outpost there. I will need good people to help me and I could find a place for you all there, in the kitchen or laundry, but somewhere better than this.”

Ansfrida face was scrunched up, her shoulders shaking as though she was trying to hold in a sob and Richild peered at him in the gloom as though he had suddenly grown two heads.

Finally she cleared her throat, “but yer Lordship, don’t yew care at all about yer reputation. Housing a bunch of whores. Well, there aren’t many who’ll take a kind eye to that. People will talk.”

Radomir gave a bitter laugh, “I don’t know how much you know about me, but I have a reputation already. By my reputation I am a brutish wife-beater, cuckolded by a priest. I have struck another man’s wife and paid for it with land. I am not a good man.”

“But you’re not a bad man either,” Ansfrida murmured, “you were good to me last time you were here.”

Richild was still staring, she didn’t seem shocked, in fact she seemed more intrigued than anything else. For the first time he saw a flicker of interest in her eyes which had so far remained dull and lifeless.

She cleared her throat, “Well, it sounds like it don’t matter too much then if yer holing up with a bunch of fallen women like us, since perhaps yew’ve fallen a fair way yourself. But I want to know a few things.”

Radomir nodded.

“Yer not having us along so yew can have a bunch of private whores. Yew want us for serving duties an’ the like?”

Radomir choked, “No, I won’t do that to you.”

“Good. Also, if yer so fond if hitting women, yew promise yew won’t lay into us if yer fish is burnt.”

Ansfrida looked horrified, but Radomir swallowing back an acid rush of anger, realised that it was not an unreasonable question, “I promise, I will not lay a hand on any of you.”

Her hands had crept up to her waist again, resting boldly on her hips.

‘An’ my baby?”

“The baby can live there too.”

“An’ little Wihtburga.”

“Her too.”

“Thank you,” she said it simply, as though anything more heartfelt would have been a struggle.

Radomir was about to reply when he heard a grunt from the room behind him.

He was suddenly filled with rage, “is there a man in there?” he hissed.

Richild nodded.

Without a word he turned, wrenching the curtain across and strode through into the other room.

It was the blonde girl, Eithne hadn’t they called her. She was lying spread-eagled on the bed while a black-haired man rutted about between her legs. Her blue eyes were fixed dully on the ceiling as he thrust into her, one trembling hand laying on the pillow beside her face.

Striding around the bed, his boots thudding ominously on the attic floor. The black-haired man didn’t notice his presence, so involved was he with the task at hand.

“Get off her,” Radomir growled.

The other man paused what he was doing for a moment.

He chuckled, mumbling, “Christ, someone’s impatient. Just wait your turn lad alright. I’m almost done here.”

He lent down and kissed the girls unresisting face, “there’s plenty to go round.”

“Get the hell off her you filthy bastard”, he shouted, grasping the man by the shoulders and pulling him off her.

The man turned to him, bristling, it was one of the royal guards, Relnath, “Fuck, what the hell is the matter with yew man. I told you to wait yer fucking turn!”

Suddenly the man must have recognised him in the gloom of the close room with its one flickering candle.

His entire demeanor changed as he hunched away, his flaccid cock drooling down one leg, head bowed.

“Yer Lordship, I’m extremely sorry, I didn’t recognise yew at first there. I didn’t mean to be so rude. Had I known who yew were, well I would’ve stopped straight away I would’ve. Of course yew shouldn’t have to wait for a turn.”

“There will be no more turns. These women are no longer for sale. They are under my protection now,” Radomir glanced down at the other man’s naked body, “So you best keep that well away from them or I swear I will cut it off.”

The guard was looking at him, astonishment on his face, “Yes, yer Lordship.”

“Now put some clothes on and get the hell out,” Radomir growled.

Elbran dragged on his leggings, slipping his feet hastily into his boots, gathering the rest of his clothes into his arms and scuttled out.

Radomir didn’t turn to look at the shivering naked girl curled up on the bed as he followed Elbran out.

“You’d best put some clothes on too,” he said softly and pulled the curtain shut behind him.

Richild was grinning, “Goodness me, he certainly rushed out of here. He only managed to get one boot on. Right bastard that one.”

Ansfrida was smiling shyly at him.

He heard soft footsteps coming up behind him.

A small shaky voice said, “Is it true what yew were sayin’. That we’re under yer protection an’ yew won’t let any men have us anymore.”

“Yes, it’s true. You don’t have to do this anymore.”

“Thank you,” the tentative creature at his shoulder murmured, and for once in his pathetic life Radomir felt that he had done the right thing.


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  1. Van says:

    Figures that it would be that Relnath character. Poor Eithne. :( Poor all of them.

    But yes, Radomir did the right thing (though I don’t blame Richild for questioning his motives, and giving him her terms before taking him up on his offer was the smart thing to do).

  2. verity says:

    Relnath is becoming my go to bad guy. Maybe I should introduce someone else to play the villain role every so often. I’ve got plenty of other sims hanging around. He’s getting a pretty bad name for himself 😀

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