Juzzine is afraid

6th June 1103



Mhalwae storylines up

Hi guys,

Haven’t been able to write any new posts for a while… the PhD write up is sucking away my creativity and time. Less than a month till I hand it in though! Hurrah! I just have to finish it before then. And then defend it in December, but I am anticipating less stress when the thesis is done. Then I just have to format it and get it printed. And write a talk. But I have seven weeks to do all that. So yay.

In my lunch breaks and on some evenings I have been able to collect together some of the storylines from Mhalwae. If you want to check it out they are in the sidebar under storylines. So far there are three but I am slowly working on getting them all up there.

Hope you’re all well!

Harndall makes his choice

25th May 1103