Lekha goes to see her friend

2nd May 1103



Darina is needed

24th April 1103



Eallair asks too much

21st April 1103



Morven doesn’t hear

10th April 1103



Other families of Mhalwae

Just for fun I thought I might put up some pictures of some of the other families inhabiting Mhalwae. I don’t know whether any of these will actually make it into the story (well, honestly I do have in mind one person but you’ll have to wait to find out who) except as extras. Elbran Relnath was actually in the background of They go down below but it seems he didn’t make it into any of the shots. Poor guy. He does his hair so nicely too!

Anyway, check it out if you’re interested. I know that I like to peruse some of the other characters living in Lothere. I have made a lot of the people living on Mhalwae but still have quite a lot to go. I’ll put up more pictures when I have taken nice ones of some of the other families hanging around. Btw… I know there are a lot of girl babies! I was a bit worried for a minute that my births were skewed for some reason but then I did a quick count and there have actually only been three more female than male births in the kingdom. I guess we are just going to have a lot of farmer’s daughters hanging around. Thaell and Derrin aren’t going to have too much trouble finding an eligible wife.

Radomir asks his King

6th April 1103



Garrick sees a glimpse

25th March 1103