Turkey, the volcano and our overland exodus

Hello my friends!

So, I am finally back from Turkey. My family and I managed to get completely caught up in the whole volcanic ash cloud thing. And while I thought the volcano was cool (and I don’t blame it at all, it is just doing its thing), it did take me five extra days to get back in an epic overland journey. It took two extra days in Istanbul, 5hr at a bus station in the middle of the night, 40hr on the bus from hell: no toilet and my mum puking through the backroads of Romania, overnight in Munich with 5hr of sleep in a bed, 18hr train to Stockholm with 5hr sitting on the floor, ~700 euros, 8 countries, 6 passport stamps, ~3700km. Feh. It’s really good to be home.

At the moment my parents are staying with me (I was going to have a few days before they came here after Turkey and was planning to write something then but didn’t happen). Not sure if I will get time while they are here to write anything.

But good news in that Turkey was absolutely fantastic. Despite the drama of our return we had the most marvelous trip. The richness of the culture and history there is unbelievable. Delicious food too. And I am so inspired again and just itching to get back to Mhalwae. Also to catch up with everyone’s blogs. I am so far behind!

So, just thought I should update you. I have the internet again now! It’s so so good to be back!!!