Real life packs a punch

Hi guys *waves sheepishly*.

I haven’t abandoned the world of sims blogging. Things have just been so unbelievably hectic and crazy this last few months. We found at we were getting evicted and then had to find a new place to live pronto. The way that Stockholm is set up doesn’t make this easy at all. Apparently on average it takes 105 weeks to find an apartment in Stockholm, whereas other European cities such as Berlin and Madrid it is more like 5! I had no idea it would be so tough so we spent a lot of time panicking and desperately calling people (it seems like most people give their advertised apartments to the first person they talk to) and viewing apartments. It really is a complete shambles, with people behaving badly and everyone out for themselves. But we hit the jackpot just in time and got a last minute student apartment (if you happen to be the first person who clicks on the website you get it… so lucky!). So the last few months have gone by in a panic of apartment-finding and moving (we give up our old room on Sunday).

On top of all of this I had a deadline for two conference papers (one which I am the first author, and one the second). So I have been barely keeping my head above water and I have been so exhausted and uninspired in what little spare time I have had. And the snowstorms have been so bad here that our internet was down on and off for three days including our server so I hope none of you had trouble accessing the site.

But things are looking up now anyway. We have a lovely new apartment with our own kitchen and two little gardens. It seems like it will be an inspiring place to write in and on the way to work the other day Eallair started talking to me finally again (sounds weird, but you know what I mean!). Internet is back in wireless format, though appears to be permanently broken on the desktop (which really needs a visit from Dell anyway). So it looks like there will be a windows reinstall which mean reinstalling the sims. I have a pictures for a few chapters and hope to get to them soon, but new ones will have to wait till the computer is fixed.

So that is basically what has been going on with me. Sorry for being so silent. I hope things are well with you all and I will be paying a visit to your sites to catch up very soon.

Happy simming!