Garrick starts a collection

9th March 1103



A bit of Christmas fun

Merry Christmas guys!

I thought this year for a bit of fun I would try and cast Mhalwae the movie (or really I think it would have to be a TV series). I picked my best ideas. Let me know if you guys had any suggestions!

First of all I found this guy, Gabriel Aubry for Eallair. He isn’t an actor but a male model, but I think he has the right looks.


I need sun!

Hi guys,

Once again, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have just been rather down and lethargic and writer’s blocky. The lack of sunlight really does suck. Looking back on my chapter writing I see that apart from the first November (when I had just started writing) I am woeful at writing during this time of year. So sorry I have been absentee yet again. The three day posting rule fell apart a bit but I am planning to restore it when my energy comes back. It is snowing now so it will be a bit lighter and prettier.