Varda has a visitor

1st December 1102



Madlenka sees through the cracks

26th November 1102



Garald refuses

25th November 1102



Igrayne finds a joke

25th November 1102



Eallair is not scarred

22nd November 1102



Isaura finds an understanding

20th November 1102



Harndall finds the strength

17th November 1102



Welcome to the new site!

Hi guys!

Well here it is finally. The new Mhalwae! Many thanks to the boy (I love you :) for pretty much doing everything (I took the pictures!).

Anyways, I think it is pretty much self-explanatory (at least I hope it is). But if you have any questions just ask. Or if you notice anything that is strange or doesn’t work. I think it will be a lot easier to use than the old one with its broken links and other general cruddiness.

I need some of those streamer, trumpet thingys and some confetti. Or a bottle of champagne.

Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with the ups and downs. I am determined to make more ups than downtime and have set myself a goal of at least two posts a week when I am in Stockholm. So here’s hoping. Also, there will be a new post up really soon. It is written and all, I just have to do some editing.