Kelgar feels the weight

17th November 1102

Kelgar squinted into the darkness that engulfed the cavernous castle kitchen. Polina had told him Illewen was usually here quite early.

He had left her helping Osras put on his armour. Her nimble fingers would fasten the buckles that later that evening, god willing she would pull open again, her mouth pressed against his brother’s. She would take down his brother’s sword, balancing it in her sturdy hands and sliding it deftly into the sheath at his side. As she worked, tugging at leather straps, adjusting carefully the tunic that would protect his brother’s brawny chest her hands would linger for long moments on his forearm, brushing against the sensitive skin of his throat. Perhaps he would steal a kiss and she would scold him with a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth though her heart was heavy.



Lochan remembers a raven

15th November 1102

“What are you looking at little one?” Lochan asked in a gentle voice.



Garald confesses

8th November 1102

Garald chewed nervously at his nail as he walked. He always picked at his nails when he was worried or upset. It proved a good distraction from whatever it was he did not want to think about.

The wick had come away at the side and he nipped clumsily at it trying to cut it off at the base. He only succeeded in pushing it in the wrong direction, causing a stab of pain that made him want to give up.



Lyiss meets a horse

8th November 1102

The days were growing short and dark and Lyiss felt the weight of the approaching winter pressing down on her like a smothering blanket. Soon it would be too cold for her to walk outside and she would be confined to stifling rooms with too hot fires, having stifling conversations with stifling women.