Nyawe refuses

7th November 1102

“For God’s sake would you quit your racketing!”



Hello again

Hi guys,

Sorry I didn’t manage to post anything while I was away. I always underestimate how hectic it is going to be when I go home to Australia. And I have been back a for a few weeks now so you might be wondering where is the new chapter. But the problem is, I have writer’s block really badly on this next chapter. I keep trying to write it and it is just coming out horribly (like awful, bodice-ripping trash). There is something I really want to do that I think will enhance the story but I just have no idea how to write it. Any advice on writing this sort of thing tastefully? It is coming out so badly at the moment and that wasn’t really what I wanted at all (or want to subject you guys to!). I know what I have written is awful… I suspected so myself and then I ran it past the boy and he was like umm…

So, hopefully I will make it past this hurdle and get on with the story. Sorry to keep you waiting guys but please be patient, I am sure I will manage to write this damn chapter some time soon!