Stupid RL

Hi guys.

Sorry for being completely off the planet for a month. It is has just been a totally crappy month and I am so relieved it is almost over. I have to give my halfway PhD thesis (they call it a licentiate over here in Sweden) to my opponents tomorrow and life has been complete hell trying to get it finished. I literally have not had a day off for the last month :(. Meh. And tomorrow I am off for a conference, but when I get back I am planning to take Friday the 28th of November off from work (this has been the light at the end of my tunnel for a long time).

So obviously my sims needs have been put on the shelf for the duration. I tried to get inspired a couple of times but writing sciencey stuff all day has left me completely drained of creativity. I think the only thing that has kept me going was when I realised I could watch House at the same time as editing figures and doing data analysis. They always do the same stuff anyway… lumbar puncture, CT scan… sitting in House’s office discussing stuff… so it was kind of good in the background.

But I think things are going to be a lot less stressful after today. I have to give a presentation and defend my work the week before Christmas, so I have to try and get smart before then :) but it definitely won’t be as stressful as this last month.

So, in short, I will be back, please don’t forget about Mhalwae in the interim.