Cindra is carried away

16th October 1102

Cindra was very proud of herself. She was supposed to be asleep but she had managed to totter past her dozing nurse without her even noticing. Then, even better, she had carefully pulled herself down a whole flight of stairs, bumping her bottom down from one to the next. It had been an exhausting process but she knew that it was worth it now she could see what all the fuss was about.



Alexis spends a rainy afternoon

9th October 1102

The autumn air was crisp and damp, clinging to Alexis’ skin in a clammy sheen. The leaves shook in the breeze like wet dogs, sending droplets of water plummeting to the ground beneath. A faint earthy smell rose from the leaf-strewn path as he carelessly squashed their dying bodies beneath his boots.



Morven’s fear returns

8th October 1102

“Gently now Riandur… Snowy doesn’t like it when you pat her too hard”, Morven chastened her son with a small smile.



A pool of liver

Hi guys! Just a quick message to say I am going to be away for a week at a workshop in Liverpool. I know… I have such a tough life. Though I am not hugely happy because I have a dreadful cold and I have to give TWO presentations! I am freaking out big time. Anyways… I am hoping to be able to sim the whole weekend when I get back so see you then!

Maire burns the porridge

4th October 1102

The porridge was sticking again, burning to the sides of the big, cast-iron pot in claggy, blackened clumps. Maire flailed the ladle clamped in her hand around the edges in a feeble attempt to detach the rapidly solidifying globs. Polina would have her hide if she burnt the breakfast again.



Sigurd meets a butterfly

Sigurd knocked and tentatively pushed open the door, hovering in the doorway for long moments as he peered into the darkened room.

Varda shuffled, adjusting her position on the bed and smoothing out her skirts. Her eyes were blackened hollows, dark purple blossoms blooming around the budding green of her irises. Though Hepsie had done an admirable job of setting her nose, its noble, equine slope would forever be marred by a slight hump. Sigurd carefully smoothed the unintentional grimace that flickered across his face before she could notice it.