Back again but not posting for another week

Hello all! Remember me? Yes I still exist though I have been rather absent as of late. So I am back for my travels and had a wonderful time (I am completely besotted with Iceland and desperate to go back… it is the most amazing place I have ever been). So since I came back last week things have been very busy and my parents return for a week in Stockholm this evening so I won’t be blogging again till the beginning of September. But when they leave things will return somewhat to normal, boring, less hectic life (though my stress level is going to be high since I am hoping to take my halfway exam in November). But I am desperate to get back to Mhalwae so don’t worry, things will be back on track very soon with only a few trips away during the rest of the year. I miss blogging so much! And reading other people’s blogs! It has been such a crazy summer.

So anyway, that’s about all now… looking forward to writing again in a week or so.

Verity :)