Garrick speaks the name

The door thudded softly shut behind Lisbet leaving Garrick and Cindra staring at one another, as her footsteps trailed off down the hallway. Neither said anything or moved for long moments. Garrick felt a tiny trickle of blood working its way along the creases of his forehead.



Igrayne gets a new dress

“I just can’t quite believe she’s so small”, Lisbet mused, cradling the tiny infant against her shoulder.



Radomir frightens a deer

“I can only stay for a little while today my love”, Radomir said congenially as he carefully sat on the edge of the bed, “If you are lonely I can ask one of the women to come and sit with you”.



Lyiss sees something she won’t forget

It was a relief to be outside. The air inside the ship had been close and heavy, hanging with tension. It was too hot to work on her embroidery and definitely too hot to listen to Nyawe’s complaining. It was not that she did not pity the woman, it could not be comfortable carrying such a large belly through the hottest days of summer. It was just that she always felt that Nyawe was trying to make her jealous, rubbing her belly with a sly smile on her face and patting Lyiss’ arm and telling her in a patronising voice that she was sure Lyiss would find a husband too.



Engin realises the danger of pointy ears

“I’ve got to be thankin’ yew that much fer comin’ to see us Hepsie, we’ve been that worried over this I’ve been barely sleepin'”, Darina’s voice grated like the spinning wheel clicking rapidly between her legs.

Engin was well and truly sick of the creaking sound that damned contraption made. Lord knows Darina was at day and night, the wheel endlessly turning, her nimble fingers pulling the thread through with an soft, dusty dragging sound that made the hairs on the back of Engin’s neck stand on end. He was actually glad to get outside collecting the meager harvest they managed to get planted before it turned cold last year. Anything to get away from that confounded noise.



Madlenka spends an afternoon with the third son

“Isn’t he amazing?”, Madlenka sighed happily as she gazed down at her son’s sleeping form.

“He is the most perfect prince that ever was”, Eallair replied expansively, a tender smile on his face.