Sigurd remembers a drought

Sigurd stirred restlessly, sleep eluding him once again. It was hot and stuffy in the room and the weight of the bedspread pressed down on him, claustrophobic as a shroud.



Igrayne has two more visitors

There was a soft knock at the door. Igrayne looked up wearily as it slowly swung open.

The duke stood in the doorway with a brittle smile.

“May I come in”, he asked politely.



Kelgar has a visitor

Kelgar fought the urge to scratch his face with growing irritation. It was stinking hot, the air in the guard’s barracks muggy with the scent of unwashed male bodies.



Igrayne has a visitor

There was a timid knock at the door. Igrayne looked up in surprise. Hepsie had already been to check on her today and of course Maire never bothered to knock, flinging the door to their room widely heedless of what was going on inside. Igrayne had become used to ripping her dresses frantically over her head and stuffing her body into her nightgown. Otherwise anyone else who might happen to be walking past at the time would be granted a full view of her body and Igrayne intended to keep that privilege for her husband.

“Come in”, she croaked, swallowing painfully to try and clear her dry throat.



Noah tells it plainly

The King rose unsteadily to his feet with an expectant look on his face as they trudged through the door.