Lisbet realises she was wrong

Lisbet sat by the bedside watching the flickering candlelight play over the face of her husband. It had been two weeks since he had been bitten by the strange dog, and he had not woken since that night. When she had woken the next morning and been unable to rouse him she had panicked and got help immediately. But there was no physician on Mhalwae and the best they had was the young midwife, who had only been able to suggest a few things. They had moved Cordell to a bigger, warmer room and there Lisbet had sat, in the same chair day after day watching as his condition steadily worsened.

She watched the candle play over her husband's face


Hepsie is grateful

When Hepsie walked into the small wooden room, the Countess was lying calmly on the bed, her bruised face upturned, her eyes staring dully at the ceiling.

Hepsie had to stifle a gasp of dismay


Valeriya smiles for the first time

Hi guys. Just a quick note. This post is quite violent and might be upsetting to some people. If you feel like you may be one of them don’t read on, the story elements introduced will be apparent in the next post so you won’t miss anything.

Radomir was surprised when he came in to find Valeriya still awake. He was so used to her trying to pretend to be asleep before he came in, her bedtimes getting earlier and earlier. He did not care if she was sleeping. She was his wife and he would wake her if he wanted her. She did not seem to understand this.

Perhaps she was finally beginning to appreciate him


Eallair doesn’t need to be told twice

Eallair immediately knew there was something wrong when he entered the room. Madlenka was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling, wearing a funereal expression on her face.

Staring at the ceiling wearing a funereal expression


Garrick wakes again

Garrick was walking in the forest near the city, where he liked to go hunting. It was Autumn and the trees surrounding him were a blanket of red, brown and yellow leaves. The light that refracted through to the forest floor was golden and a heavy mist hung in the damp air.

The golden light refracted through to the forest floor


Lisbet experiences a new feeling

Lisbet lay on the bed, her thoughts elsewhere, somewhere she had the life she wanted and was not tethered to the relentlessness of this one.

She was startled back to reality by the sound


Going away again =(

Hej guys!

So once again I am heading off. I have a course in Copenhagen for Structural crystallography (I know it sounds pretty scary). It should be really good though because I am really going to need it for analysing my samples. Anyway… enough with RL and back to what this means for my blog.

Basically I am going to be away for two and a half weeks. I have brought a whole lot of pics with me so I should be able to update. But I am not sure about the state of internet yet so we will have to see.


Cordell is attacked

Cordell stood deep in conversation with Steen. The young man showed remarkable apitude when it came to deciphering the cause of a problem. And at that point they were having problems with the ground that part of the foundation would lie on, so Cordell could use all the apitude he could get.

The young man was apt at determining the cause of problems


Morven is disturbed

Sitting through a church service was a trial even at the best of times, but it was made a million times worse by the embarrassment of sitting through it with her husband.

She tried to ignore her husband


Valeriya has one thing left

Valeriya breathed deeply and fought another wave of nausea. Her swollen and uncomfortable stomach roiling she willed herself not to throw up again. Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead and she could feel the bile rising in her throat, threatening to spill forth uncontrolled.

Valeriya breathed