Garrick is reminded

The three men stood gazing into the depths of the enormous hole that lay before them.

The men stood gazing into the hole


Lochan pretends

Lochan carefully opened the door and walked into the room as quietly as he could. He knew that Isaura was unwell again today and he did not want to disturb her. But she was awake, hands clutching her wasted stomach protectively, an expression on her face bordering on desperation.

An expression on her face bordering on desperation


Engin is allowed a kiss

”Now there ye are my fine wench”, Engin snuck up behind Darina and grabbed her firmly on the rump. He was pleased at the weight of it in his hand. He did not like small woman, but much preferred the filled out figure of Darina. Hers was the body of a real woman. Everyone could tell that he was a good husband who kept her well-fed.

He grabbed her firmly on the rump


Noah and Engin meet the King

Noah sat at the rickety wooden table admiring his handiwork. He had been assigned to assist in building the fortress that Eallair would rule his new kingdom from. Noah was very proud to be part of such a monumental thing. Back home he had been nothing more than a carpenter, building furniture for the wealthier amongst the lower classes. Now here he was, a lowly tradesman, taking part in something he saw as so far removed from his ordinary past life that he was utterly awed. He could see a new path for him and his beautiful Gena, each brick gleaming in the sunlight as they trod carefully along it, her hand in his.

He admired his handiwork


Cindra plays a joke that isn’t funny

Cindra stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was bored. So bored. She had spent the day with the women embroidering and talking and it had been so dull. Why couldn’t they talk about something interesting. Whenever they seemed to speak they only wondered what their husbands were doing. And every time she opened her mouth to speak Varda would glare at her. It really was no fun at all. She had noone to talk to.

Cindra stared at her reflection