Off to Spain

Hi guys… just to let you know I’m heading off to Spain tomorrow and then travelling for the next five weeks. So if there is a lack of posts that is why but I will still try and update when I can. Until then Happy Simming ;).

Mella cannot help them

Hi there… this is just a warning that the next post is pretty macabre (pictures and text), so if you don’t want to read it that is totally okay. It isn’t key to the story and you will be able to work out what is happening without it (I can also give a synopsis in the comments section of my next post for those who don’t want to read). Also if anyone who does read it feels like it is too awful and I should tone it down a bit then feel free to write that in the comments and I will try and take it into account. So… if I haven’t put you off completely now… read on…

Mella quietly walked into the garden chapel, hoping the men had gone. What greeted her there was too horrible to imagine. All around the once peaceful place of worship lay the twisted, bloodied bodies of her sisters, her friends.

It was too horrible to imagine


Lisbet and Cordell share a sleepless night

Lisbet folded the embroidery she had been working on and tucked it neatly under the bed. She paused for a moment and sighed.

She folded the embroidery


Darina smiles

Darina stood in the mess-tent clutching a bowl of partially eaten porridge. The menfolk had come and eaten their lunch leaving the usual mess to be cleaned up and it was her day to do it. It was a hot, muggy day and the tent was stuffy and had the distinct reek of sweaty males.

Darina stood in the mess tent


Sorry for no posts

Hey everyone! So sorry for totally neglecting Mhalwae this week. My sister has been visiting so things have been exceedingly hectic (but also really nice) with lots of sightseeing and staying up late (and eating… oh the eating). So I haven’t had enough time to post or to answer comments from you lovely people but I will try to rectify this situation when I get home tonight. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you =).


Gena makes a friend

It had been a very long time since Gena had spent such a pleasant day. She had gone with one of the other peasant women, the young girl Hepsie to collect berries from the forest. Gena wasn’t used to people being kind to her, her whole life there had been noone except Noah. Either they pitied her for her disability or they hated her for being a burden.

It was a very pleasant day