Sigurd hears hollow crys in the night

Sigurd came into the room quite late. He had been drinking with the King and some of the other men and the time had passed more quickly than he had realised. He had planned to come earlier, but each time he rose to leave, someone had suggested he stay for one last drink. He had not drunk overly much, but he was definitely feeling the effects. He crept into the room, towards the set of drawers as quietly as he could manage in his partially inebriated state. He paused to gaze down at his sleeping wife.

He paused to gaze at his sleeping wife


Morven is interrupted

Morven stood before the bookcase trying to choose a book. She was not certain if she was in the mood for a Ulaanbaatese historical text or some Itruskan poetry. She could not decide so she picked one of the two with her eyes closed. She was not feeling very well today. She hadn’t been feeling so well since they arrived on Mhalwae. Perhaps it was the weather.

Morven stood at the bookcase


Alexis gets more than he bargained for

Hepsie sat happily in the rays of sunlight. After her initial fright when they first arrived she had regained her courage and continued to explore every day when her chores were done. She had found lovely little nook in a corner of the forest were noone else ever came. It was a delightful place with flowers of many colours and it was quiet apart from the gentle chirping of the birds.

Hepsie sat happily among the rays of sunlight


Valeriya is reminded of her place

Valeriya had left dinner early in the hope of falling asleep before Radomir came to bed. She had seen him guzzling down ale and the thought of giving herself to him that night disgusted her more than usual. Not that she was really giving herself, rather he was taking what he demanded. She shuddered at the thought of his rough hands on her body. And she knew he would be rough tonight, he always was after he had been drinking.

She heard the sound of fumbling hands on the doorknob. She was too late. He finally managed to open the door and his hulking form burst into the room. He reeked of ale and sweat, she could smell him from across the other side of their small cabin.

“Valeriya my love, there you are”, he stumbled slightly as he came over to her.

He reached a hand up to her face


Cindra insults the Queen

Cindra sat and played with sleeves of her dress. She was so bored. Meetings of the court back home had always been exciting with wine for everyone and jesters to entertain them.

Cindra played with her sleeves


Mella hears a voice

Mella stood alone in her small cabin on the ship listening as the storm outside raged. She was staring at the candles. They were flickering from some small draught in the room. She could not stop staring at the tiny dancing pillars of light. Suddenly the candles blew out and she was left in the darkness.

She stared at the candles


Hepsie loses her way

When the boats had anchored Hepsie had been one of the first people to disembark, keen to explore her new surroundings. Steen had been assigned to tying down the ships so she had given him a quick kiss telling him she would be alright and run off.

She had wandered around


Eallair finds Madlenka

Eallair found Madlenka staring out towards the North, to the mountains of Mhalwae. Though the sky was menacing and the dark grey clouds looked fit to burst, Madlenka stood straight backed and unwavering. The wind tore at her skirts and her thick red hair but she showed no sign of noticing the cold.

Eallair found her staring out towards the North


Varda silently curses Cindra

“I don’t like this place at all”, Isaura said shivering and wrapping her arms around herself, “It feels wrong”.

I don't like this place at all