A storm is coming

Eallair stood with Lochan gazing out to sea. The strengthening wind was whipping the waves into a frenzy and both men were very glad they had anchored before the storm set in. They looked down as the men were beaching the ships, preparing their hulking forms against the fast approaching storm.

Eallair stood with Lochan gazing out to sea


The Church

Father Harndall had been entrusted with the souls of the exiles. He was very young, but the older priests had chosen to remain in the city and do what they could to comfort the survivors. There would be many who would turn to the lord in this time of need. They had agreed that Harndall would accompany the exiles. He may not have been experienced but he was kind and wise for his years, and the people trusted him.

He was young but kind


Engin and Darina Rawtharn

Engin thought that his wife Darina was a very clever woman. He would even use the word sly when describing her but he did not consider it an insult. Back in the city before the invasion they had been struggling to make ends meet and now here they were in the same boat (literally) as lords and ladies. And even the king and queen! Yes Darina had been clever when she suggested they accompany Eallair and his other subjects to Mhalwae. They would all be starting almost from the same place here… yes they would soon have their castles but surely they would come to rely on and know the peasant-folk here which would never have happened back home. He was glad he had married Darina, others thought she was a sharp woman, greedy and a gossiper, but he saw her true worth.

He saw her true worth


Noah and Gena Ulcar

Noah felt that his role in life was to protect his wife Gena. He had felt that from the time when they were young and he had seen how vulnerable she was. Gena had been blind from birth and so she had never seen her husband. But she knew every angular part of his face and the way his muscular body felt. She knew what love felt like, and it felt like him. Noah was so calm and gentle with her, as though she were a deer that would be startled by any rash movement.

Gena had been blind from birth


Hepsie and Steen Cade

Hepsie and Steen were about as happy as anyone could be they reckoned. Well if they had a baby then they would be the happiest. But right now they were as happy as anyone could be without having that baby. And Hepsie did love babies almost as much as she loved Steen. Her old mother had passed down to her the talent for midwifery before she had died, and Hepsie had helped a number of women through difficult childbirths, despite her young age.

He had loved her even then


Sir and Lady Hwratar

Alexis knew he had, had to marry eventually. His father had been telling him for years. But just because he was married didn’t mean he had to stop his fun did it? Perhaps being on an island with not many women would prove to be somewhat of a problem though, but he thought it better that they come with Eallair than stay behind as the city fell. And he had just married Morven who really was a dear sweet girl and he was sure she would make a lovely wife. He did feel a little the need to protect her from the horrors that lay in the future of their city so he had joined the exiles. Luckily Morven had not been with child yet (although he really was not sure why since he had definitely been enjoying her charms almost nightly) so they had been able to make the journey without much risk.

She really was a dear sweet girl


Sir and Lady Inbar

Sigurd did not know how he would live without his Varda. All his strength and bravery came from her. Surely she was more a man than he was, she always knew what to do and it was she who made all the decisions. Yes, he was a knight and he could fight but he knew that if she were a man she would beat him and every other man he had met. No he really did not know how to be without her. It had been she who had decided they would flee with the king… she was fiercely loyal to the man and would not be left behind. And so they had fled with the rest. Varda had been with child at the time but she had not told anyone but he and had said it would not matter. But she had lost the baby on the long voyage and he had fallen into despair. He wondered at Varda, she would not show her grief to him but he had caught her sometimes looking out over the sea with such an expression it almost tore his heart in two. But she had never said anything nor shed a tear.

Sigurd did not know how he would live


Sir and Lady Arwaduhn

Oh how Cordell hated his wife Lisbet. How could it be that he was saddled to that woman for the rest of his life. He could not believe that his father had forced him to marry such a girl. Surely she had the tongue of a serpent. And she looked so ugly when she fought with him which was most of the time. How it made him laugh when she scrunched up her face into an ugly little ball and cursed him. What a harridan she was, and she swore like a sailor. His father, rest his soul had chosen very poorly indeed and now they travelled to Mhalwae together where there was no hope that he would not spend most of his days with her. Curse his poor luck that had sent him to a place like this with Lisbet.

How Cordell hated his wife


The Baron and Baroness of Tadhgar

Garrick’s wife Cindra, the king’s cousin was a handful. Everybody said so. At sixteen she was a lot younger than he, still a girl really and she liked to gossip and tease. Her pranks had gotten her into trouble (and him) on numerous occasions. But by god he loved her. She had stolen his heart so truly with her pouty lower lip and her slightly upturned nose that he loved to kiss the tip of.

Cindra was a handful